DarkPlaceMiniatures Exalted Entities Charon

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Prophet of Decay - Ideaal als Death Lord Mortarion voor Warhammer 40K

No living creature is immune to death and no sentient creature is without fear of death. Charon is the Prophet , the emissary of death in the realms of the mortals. In his wake lies devastation and the inevitable decay of all matter. The Prophet does not act upon malice, it acts upon the paradigm that the old must perish so the new can emerge. It is an entity that recognizes no good or evil just the cycle of renewal.

Collectible miniature for war-games & role-playing tabletops.
Size: 171 mm total
The kit contains 6 parts including a 60mm base.
Material: high quality resin.
Miniature comes unpainted and un-assembled.

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