Dropzone Commander Scourge Slayer/ Tormentor Gav tank group

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Scourge Heavy Grav-Tanks are the bane of enemy commanders. With Evasive Countermeasures and an absurd 3 Damage Points, these tanks are very hard to shift. Add to that their complement of Razorworms, and they become a multi-purpose unit.

The Slayer is armed with a Twin Plasma Cannon, offering literally twice as much firepower as its little sister the Hunter. Devastator-2 against scenery and infantry helps make this a difficult unit to face since it can destroy basically anything with relative ease.

The Tormentor's Acid Streamer plays a very different role, acting as a supreme anti-infantry weapon. With 8 Shots and the Flame special rule, it'll be able to deal with dug-in infantry with no trouble. Acid into a Garrison then expel your Razorworms to deal with the survivors - it's a great tactic that many will be afraid of!

Contains 4 resin miniatures with the choice of weapons to make 2 Slayers or 2 Tormentors. These miniatures are highly detailed, approximately 62mm in length. Also contains 2 bases of 3 Razorworms

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