Dystopian Wars: Beyond Sturginium Skies

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Dystopian Wars : Beyond Sturginium Skies Starterset Expansion Box

This is the new Dystopian Wars 2-player starterset expansion (yes, you heard it correct, an expansion to the Dystopian Wars Sturginium Skies starterset, that expands on the story that started in the big box. 


More new units, more action and even some cool terrain to add onto your Dystopian Wars adventures!

Besides that, this box can also be used to build alternatives to the existing ships or use parts of them to build even more powerful units! The options are endless! 

This Dystopian Wars Sturginium Skies Expansion starter box contains:

  • 2x Crown Cruisers
    • Can be built as either an Athelstan, Agincourt or Hotspur Class ship
  • 2x Morgana Assault Submarine
  • 4x Excalibur Heavy Destroyer
  • 2x SRS Token
  • 2x Sets of Platforms
  • 2x Hochmeister Vitruvian Colossus
    • Can also be built as Metzger Vitruvian Colossus
  • 2x Wreck Markers
  • 2x Mine Markers
  • 1x Dystopian Wars Rule Book
  • 1x Dystopian Wars Campaign Book.
  • 20x Action Dice
  • 6x Critical Dice
  • 1x Token Set

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Dystopian Wars Beyond Sturginium Skies 2 player starter expansion set