Dystopian Wars: Retaj fleet starter

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Sinister vessels crewed entirely from the cult of the Order, the Retaj Portalship is beyond the limit of the scientific and engineering expertise of the Sultanate. Indeed it is beyond even the esoteric designs of the Enlightened. Able to create stable rifts in the aether and allow entire ships to pass through, these fantastic energies can be harnessed and repurposed most lethally.

Carolus Destroyers are formidable indeed. Crewed entirely by the devout members of the martial religious group known as the Order, they answer only to Sircan Osman on behalf of the Sultan.

The Retaj Battlefleet Set kit builds six multi-part plastic and resin miniatures:

  • 1x Retaj Portalship
  • 4x Carolus Destroyer
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Dystopian Wars: Retaj fleet starter