Kings of War Empire of Dust Monolith

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The Empire of Dust Idol of Shobik

The Ahmunites once worshipped the old god Shobik in their empire and great stone statues of its likeness stand proudly at the entrances to temples, palaces and mausoleums alike, once acting as powerful lodestones for magic and worship. These idols still simmer with innate power and can be summoned to life by high priests chanting blasphemous texts from forbidden scrolls. As literal sandstone giants, these immense beings are not only towering engines of destruction in battle, but they are capable of summoning the blessing of their god to aid the Ahmunites in battle.


  • 1x Resin Empire of Dust Idol of Shobik
    • 3x Head Options
  • 1x MDF 50mm Square Base
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