Spectre: Operations: Spetsnaz SSO Squad

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This Russian SSO (Special Operations Forces) squad is equipped for any eventuality on the modern battlefield and have a mixture of AK-12 and AK-12K (short) assault rifles with standard SOF attachments of suppressors, sights, tactical lights and lasers. One operator has a thermal optic. One member carries a suppressed PKP machine gun, used for direct fire support of the squad and suppressive fire. One member has a slung SR2 SMG with a suppressor, used for close range quiet engagement of sentries and dogs. For additional firepower, one member carries a GM94 grenade launcher that can fire a variety of grenade types including high explosive, thermobaric and smoke rounds.

The squad wears a mixture of equipment including the most modern Russian designed combat clothing, lightweight body armour and helmets. They carry backup pistols, spare ammunition, grenades, comms and med kit in their assault rigs.

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