Wild West Exodus : Portals

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A marvel of the Dystopian Age, portals are gateways rent into the fabric of space forming a passageway to another nearby location. Often these portals can be linked into a multitude of other such gateways forming a network in the local area. Any person or object smaller than the aperture of the portal can pass through and be transported almost instantaneously to a new location. While the portals of forces such as Watcher Hegemony or The Order of the Allshard are more sophisticated than those reverse engineered by the Covenant of the Enlightened, all portal travel has a degree of risk associated with it. A traveller should never enter a portal without knowing where it leads to - or indeed if it actually leads anywhere!

The Portals kit builds two single-piece resin miniatures;

  • 2x Portals
  • 2x Base
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