Core space First Alien Catacombs

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This booster for Core Space upgrades your Traders with powerful new ‘wearable’ equipment – from bandoliers to backpacks; automated weaponry to exo-skeletons, all represented by two new mini dashboards that clip on to the side of the standard Trader Dashboard.

Deep in the bowels of a remote asteroid, the rock has been hollowed out and spliced with powerful alien technology. The winding tunnels and cavernous spaces form everything from shadowy crypts to libraries of ancient lore to once-vibrant cities, seemingly long abandoned until now…

This box contains everything you need to build a single-level gaming board covering an area of up to 2' x 2' / (600mm x 600mm) or larger, suitable for all 28-35mm sci-fi or fantasy games in a mysterious alien temple. All the pieces are modular and can be assembled in any combination you choose for a different set-up every time. The set can be expanded with other sets from the Battle Systems terrain range.

The terrain is supplied flat-packed on high-quality, high-density card, printed in full colour on both sides, so no painting required! The terrain requires assembly, and some smaller parts will require glue. Please see for more details and full instructions.

This terrain is identical to that in the Core Space First Born Starter Set.



  • 1 Printed Neoprene Gaming Mat 2' x 2' / 600mm x 600mm
  • 36 Assorted Walls
    • 15 Standard Walls
    • 6 Hatchway Walls & Doors
    • 2 Wide Entrance Walls
    • 4 Entrance Walls
    • 3 Half Walls
    • 2 Half Walls with Hidden Doors
    • 4 Quarter Walls
  • 4 Arches
  • 4 Pillars
  • 19 Assorted Struts
  • 4 Stasis Pods
  • 2 Exhausts
  • 4 Arks
  • 1 Dyson Reactor
  • 1 Command Console
  • 1 True Born Stasis Pod
  • 41 Assorted Scatter Components & Accessories
  • 60 Plastic Clips
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