Dystopian Wars: Fortune and Glory - 2 player Starterset

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€ 94,95

Fortune and Glory contains two mercenary battlefleets that can be used with any Faction making this box set a must-buy for any Dystopian Wars player. Add additional airpower to your existing forces, but make sure you pay them or you could be their next contract!


  • 1x Excelsior Class Heavy Aircruiser. (May also be built as Venture or Custodian Class)
  • 3x Steward Class Sentry Airships. (May also be built as Constellation, Republic, Ticonderoga or Ranger Class)
  • 5x Bogota Class Carryall
  • 5x Union SRS Tokens
  • 1x Lyceum Aerial Dreadnought
  • 3x Nasr Class Skyship. (May also be built as Awsbiri or Muharib Class)
  • 3x Hirka Class Skycutter
  • 3x Alsaqr Class Skybarque
  • 3 x Sultanate SRS Tokens
  • 2x Titan Class Heavy Conveyer. (May be built as Passenger, Freight or Oil Variants)
  • 2x Merchant Ships
  • 2x Escort
  • 2x Small Ship Tokens
  • 2x Ground Assault Detachment Tokens
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