Infinity Aftermath Character Pack

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The Human Sphere is always unpredictable, and when greed and vengeance drove young hacker Uhahu and Caledonian fighter Denma Connolly to rig a game of Aristeia! and run away with the proceeds, little did they know that they both and their Zellenkrieger comrades would end up embroiled in an international conspiracy.


  • 5x Miniatures
    • 1x Denma Connolly
    • 1x Calednian Zellenkrieger, Ishinomori
    • 1x Extreme Zellenkrieger, K1LLj0y
    • 1x Zellenkrieger, Raiza the Whispering Death
    • 1x Zellenkrieger and Uhahu, Hacker for Hire
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Corvus Belli Infinity Aftermath Character Pack