Kings of War Ambush: Forces of the Abyss (medio Jan '23)

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Kings of War Ambush: Forces of the Abyss

This box of Kings of War Ambush is more than perfect for all your small games, but also fits new players that just want to get into the game before spending a fortune on that gigantic army that you so much crave.

A Kings of War Ambush set consists of a small army, that fights small battles, but gives big wins and is ideal for new players to learn the rules of the game and get to know it before committing more. 

A Kings of War Ambush army is mostly 2 troops and 1 regiment, but can also have 2 regiments and a troop. Most importantly, Kings of War Ambush is balanced, just like the big brothers Kings of War and Kings of War Epic Battles.  


Build, paint and play, that’s the whole Kings of War hobby that you will start at about 66% cheaper than with the competition! 

The whole positive thing about Mantic’s Kings of War Ambush, is that you can start with this first battle and have a slow grow campaign with your friends to evolve in the normal size games or even the epic scale games. All of the Mantic fantasy range is compatible with each other and has stats in other games. Same goes for Sci-fi, but we are talking about Kings of War Ambush here!

What is in the box?

  • 1x Succubi Regiment
  • 1x Lower Abyssals Troop
  • 1x Flamebearers Troop
  • 1x Ambush Starter Book
  • MDF Unit Bases

This is more than enough to start playing your first battles in Pannithor, the world where Kings of War Ambush and all of Kings of War takes place!

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