Kings of War Starter set : The Sands of Ahmun

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The Kings of War Starter set - Sands of Ahmun

Not only does the Kings of War starter set  as a game have insanely easy to learn rules, but the Kings of War miniatures are pretty nice as well! All in resin or hard plastic like you are used to from other companies! Inside this Kings of War 2-player starter set is everything you need to start playing this amazing game, Included the Kings of War Rules A5 Quick start guide and the Superb Kings of War Rules!

For the full Kings of War Army lists, you need to go to Mantic’s own app, or just take the full kings of war rules from this amazing box set! Yes, you heard that right… there is a starter guide AND the full Kings of War rules in this box, enough for 2 players to start battling it out as soon as they are glued. Painting the Kings of War miniatures can wait, but will improve the playability. 

For this game, you won’t need additional books until the end of 2024, as it is all in the supplied Kings of War books.

This Kings of War 2 Player Starter set is based around the battles of the gigantic Ogres and the many Undead in the form of the Empire of Dust.
The Orges are a specialist army, marching with few, but can take on massive armies. The Empire of Dust Undead army is the powerhouse of the desert, awaking only to wage war when their home is threatened. 

The Kings of War scale is 28 mm, which fits perfectly on everything besides the other big company, that uses its own scale.

The only thing you need to do when you are finished painting this Kings of War Starter set, is get upgrades to smash the enemy even harder than you did now! Get painting and start the fight for Pannithor! 

Inside this Kings of War Starter


  • 12x Plastic Ogre Infantry
  • 40x Plastic Empire of Dust Skeleton Infantry
  • 10x Plastic Empire of Dust Revenant Cavalry
  • 1x Resin Ogre Warlord (2022)
  • 1x Resin Empire of Dust Pharoah
  • 13x MDF 40mm Square Base
  • 10x MDF Cavalry Base
  • 41x 20mm Square Base
  • 1x A5 Getting Started Book
  • 1x Kings of War rules (full rulebook)
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Kings of War Starter set: The Sands of Ahmun