Spectre: Operations: Insurgents PMCs Squad

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The intensity of conflict, insurgency and asymmetric warfare over in recent decades has produced some extremely experienced and capable fighters, who are not part of a formal or recognised military. A less familiar band of PMCs have risen that sell their services in direct combat, mentoring or protection to either the highest bidder, whether that is an insurgency or less scrupulous Nation Sate or simply those whos ideologies align with their own. These PMCs, or Mercenaries draw members from Chechnya, Africa, South America, Northern Ireland, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and of course, the Middle East. They can be found providing their services in just as diverse combat zones.

Their equipment is more sophisticated than ‘regular’ insurgents and more in line with what would be expected to be seen in a formal military. They are protected with ballistic vests and helmets, which have mounts for NVGs when needed. They carry grenades, smoke and limited battlefield medical supplies. They are equipped with a mixture of G36Ks and F2000. Both of these have been seen in increasing frequency in North Africa, Syria, Afghanistan and in particular in Yemen, where they seem to have been liberated from foreign forces. These are equipped with optics, including a Russian manufactured thermal scope, some lasers and suppressors – all of which are available to anyone with internet access and a means to pay for them.

These models are perfect options for more challenging opponents in games of Spectre Operations. We recommend playing them as ‘Trained’ or in some cases ‘Professional’ tier fighters. They could be used as force multipliers in a militia force, as a force on their own or providing Close Protection for a VIP, Guard Duty for a strategic location, or executing an operation of their own.  

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