Wild West Exodus : Legendary Jedrick Powell

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Unique in the Frontier, 20-20 is a relic of the closing days of the Ore War, a Blackhoof automata transformed into a one of a kind prototype. As a new weapon for a battle that never came, 20-20 has many of the capabilities of a trained sniper as well as the ability to morph into two different modes. The first is as a Vitruvian Simulacra - a humanoid machine armed with a deadly Hyper-V rifle. The second form is his original configuration as a Blackhoof steed. While in that form, 20-20 will accept only one rider, his good friend Jedrick Powell, who takes up the rifle and together they bring sweet justice upon all lawbreakers.

The Legendary Jedrick Powell & Blackhoof 20-20 kit builds one multi-part resin miniature;

  • 1x Legendary Jedrick Powell & Blackhoof 20-20
  • 1x Base
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